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1st Screensaver Flash Studio Professional 2.0 03/01/11 Trial version English

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1st Screensaver Studio FeaturesImages and Video Files:Create a slide show type screen savers from your favorite image files (JPEG, GIF and BMP).

Flash Projector files:Create promotional screen savers from Macromedia Flash animation files. (1st Screensaver Flash Studio only)Powerpoint files:Create screen savers from Powerpoint files.

(1st Screensaver PowerPoint Studio only)Easy to Distribute:Create the screen saver as a single EXE or as a ZIP file that can be easily distributed from a web site or by Email.

No additional files are needed to run the screen saver. Text Support: Display your own text on the images. You can control the font size, color and type.

Sound File Support: Play separate sound files for each of the images or play a single sound file continuously for all the screen saver images.

(MP3, WAV MIDI)Automated Image Updating: Setup the screen saver to automatically retrieve new images from your web site. (Coming soon. ) Create Wallpapers: Setup the screen saver to install one of your image files as the wallpaper on the user` s desktop.

You can also setup the screen saver to randomly change the wallpaper daily. (Coming soon. )Hyperlinks: Setup hyperlinks to your web site from the screen saver`s Settings window and About window.

(Professional Professional Plus Editions)Trial Version: Create a trial version of the screen saver that can expire after a fixed number of days.

Put text on the trial version to promote your web site or to promote full version. (Professional Plus Edition only). Transition Effects: Many great looking Transition Effects - including Flying Images, Multiple Float, Zoom and Random Mix - with speed control.

To see the screen shots of these features, click on the labels below. Logo Display: Your logo image can be embedded in to the screen saver settings window, installation window and the about window.

(Professional Edition only; logo image should be Emailed at the time of the purchase)Branding: Screen savers produced by the Professional Plus Edition are completely branded for your company.

Our company contact information is not shown. Ease of use: Wizard style user interface walks you through the process. A Screen saver can be created with just a few mouse clicks.

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